Group Members

Current Group Members
Casey Becker

Austin DuBose
Letzi Maldonado

Dr. David Stachura (Group Webpage)
Dr. Karl Voigtritter
Dr. Alejandro Calderon-Urrea (Group Webpage)

Past Group Members
Nikita Barnett
Minjoo Kim
Dahlia Chavez (Class of 2019)
Juan Diaz (Class of 2019)
Daniela Melchor (Class of 2019)

Kelsey Hanson (Class of 2018)
Alyssa Bowlsby (Class of 2017)
Jose Lopez (Class of 2016)
Ellen Sampson (Class of 2017)
Matthew McDonald (Class of 2017)
Josh Gladfelder (Class of 2017)
William French (Class of 2017)
Natalie Holmberg-Douglas (Class of 2016)
Kevin Walsworth (Class of 2015)


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